Empty barrels make the most noise

Male. Single. 26. West Indian. New Jersey. Passionate.

wedding in t - 3 days.

sickness is about to complete incubation stage.

about to move into “foothold” stage”

can i beat this in less than 3 days?

im going to double my vit c intake.

chew almost religiously on ginger.

trying to sweat it out tonight

does anyone else have any suggestions? i’m trying to go hardcore on this thing.

i want to dance with my tumblr friends. internet make this happenn

i just realized. making your gf look good.. makes you look good. whattt.

whoops. kinda noob at relationships.

i usually just spread my infectious and vibrant vibe.


okay. so. i take allergy meds. stuffiness doesnt go away. i take a pull to remove the nausea. nausea doesnt go away. 


okay lol.. i was sick. body, you’re off the hook for this one. i gotchu now thoughhhh.

Bodybro, i shall take cares of you :D

so. i feel real. i havent felt real in a long time.

logic says, possible gravity of the wedding pressing upon me.

but i feel as if im on drugs.
this feeling isnt.. it isnt normal.

because i am not on drugs. this is real.

real emotion. real depth. 

i feel heavy. but graceful and strong. 

i feel like im listening. 

i dont feel emotionally locked up.

this is probably a great time to write some speech chizz.

there’s no way another person could ever define you.

to define someone else is to say they they are limited in scope.

noone can define you, only you can define yourself.

the world wants to describe you, but noone knows you better, knows your strengths and abilities with more intimacy than you would know for yourself. 

show the world who you are, by persevering. by showing all that you’re able to do.

Wanted by many. Taken by none. Looking at some. Waiting for one.

— -Unknown (via psych-facts)