Empty barrels make the most noise

Male. Single. 26. West Indian. New Jersey. Passionate.

also, take on as many activities as you can that are mainly comprised of time spent waiting for one thing to transform into another. 

this is literally, getting time to work for you.

my personal philosophy is that.

if you want to have a great body, dont do heavy weighted stress routines unless you want to enlargen muscles. 
do repetitive, constant motions. toned muscle burns more fat than bulk muscle. 

so just do. do do do.

because indecision doesnt get you anything. 

bored again. i wanna workout while im high.  im outta weed though. im gonna be the ironic 420 not pothead.

having a boner and not doing anything with it feels so strange. 

whoah. im actually gonna spend a friday night at home. okay. well BRING IT THE FUCK ON. working out till i’m dead.