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stars colapse into metal chunks and types.

one galaxy exploded and it was pure gold. (its where we get our gold from)

with these metal chunks, we do not bring to life something that can understand a sense of self.

it’s source is a machination of the human mind, and it’s quest to know.

but a machine is just electricity running through defined pathways along atoms and the principles of physics.

might we be able to make them anatomically functional parts of our bodies?

would that be what it’d mean to be an android?

oh, but the realization, that it takes a compressed and compacted star to bring us these metals should be astounding.

an entire body of gas that was once the source of energy, has collapsed and imbedded all it’s qualities into something else that was solid.

and we, on a planet of life.
have decided to reform this metal, or whatever elements

such that it will perfectly take care of the rest of the planet that it resides on.

the star is dead. we cannot give it life.
and as such, this metal is dead, and we cannot lend it life.

however, we can resurrect it to be functional, but science itself says “this thing cannot have a soul”

i think that if i spend my time working towards my goal,

there is no story in me that will have time for a tear.

i mind not being a machine of the society.
people require things of me.

and as such, i engage.

the post i lost was about planetary expansion,

and it’s sorta poetic meaning in what our job in the universe is.

to become masters and manipulators of time and the sciences.

even the ones on growth that run society.
we’d have to become benevolent creatures of structure.

and ensure that growth in all sciences is imminent.

in all sciences, how to run a country. be benevolent to provide and take care.
maintain balance, and colonization.

even upon virtual fronts, we must be so.

accounting, interest, and philosophies as well.

and forget not the slew of media and creativity that will only enhance and press us forward.

nothing is impossible.

okay. i tried recreating it. it’s not as good. but. i think it’s an attempt.

in love with this rendition at the moment.

well. just lost an awesome post. :/

dang. my videos never got uploaded. ERGH.

however. i now has a new mic! i havent tested it yet, so maybe we’ll hear some better audio now!

also cleaned out my computer fan, so things might get a little more smooth when running and stop freezing up.

helping out the brother in law with things

and just chilling at their place for the afternoon.

lol, my sister has a guitar but it’s stringed for lefthanded players.
i was gonna practice here, but i had to like. legit refigure all my fingers consciously to get the same chords played.
i coulda done it, but it was difficult.

took me one or two tries to get a simple song down in the lefthanded style. but was mentally frustrating. the refiguring part of my brain though liked trying to figure that puzzle out.

oh, i dont know if i ever told any of you.


okay. anand update out for now!


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i’d be large amounts of money there is noone that feels this way about me. 

and if i lost the bet, eh, to find the person sounds like it’d be worth it. 

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